MoFoₙₑ: The BEST Phone*


Do away with complicated devices. Let your creativity prosper. Choose mofoₙₑ.



The MoFoₙₑ is the new legendary device from self-proclaimed connaisseurs of everything: ‘Maxdraconis’. We believe that phones should be hassle-free for the ones using them.

There are two things holding phones back from reaching their full potential: hardware and software. Have you ever had a phone that constantly breaks or a phone that is unable to function due to its software? Well, we’ve done away with both, so you get the best experience possible. No hardware, no device. No device, no software. No software, no problems. Our no-packaging and no-shipping approach is the most eco-friendly ever seen on a device.

The MoFoₙₑ is simultaneously what you need and what you won’t be able to hold. So buy it now!


  • “Mate, you’re bonkers” ~ Gazza
  • “Uh… Uhm… Uhhhhhhh… Uhhhhmmm… I know: not available in franch. lolalalolaloloal e” ~ Alik
  • “Super-balmy-weird” ~ My Mother

The Small Print:

Our definition of “Best” is nonexistent. It’s used as a word and nothing else.

As this product is physically defined as nothing, you shall receive nothing. Not even an empty box. But as a thank you for purchasing, you will receive a personal email from the CEO.


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