New Product Alert – E

January 28, 2022 By Radialbog9 0

Yes, we made more products. They may be absolutely stupid, but they’re products nonetheless.

Here’s a brief rundown:

E Stickers

Yet more stickers, this time with just 1 letter: E. That’s it. Very simplistic! This is also the first product to be fully printed with a laser printer (pew pew), and so will be most new stickers and restocks of stickers in the future!

Certificate of E

Last but not least, we now have custom certificates! It’s just the certificate of E for now, but we have more on the way!

Also, we have some new d&d themed poster designs ready so keep your eyes peeled đź‘€. Of course, we’ll continue to expand our portfolio of items (we’re planning some shirts and hoodies so stay tuned).

That’s it for this update post! Stay awesome, and buy something!